Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CampFiber for Creatives Delayed Until May 11th

Due to some scheduling conflicts and a desire to get as much buy in from Lafayette's creative community as possible, we are postponing the first CampFiber for Creatives until May 11th.

There will still be a Net2LFT meeting on Tues April 13th at the Travis Technology Center from 6-9pm, but it will feature different speakers focused on a variety of topics related to Lafayette, technology, and community engagement.

Look for additional information about CampFiber for Creatives in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CampFiber for Creatives Announced for April 13th in Lafayette, LA

The latest in the Lafayette CampFiber series will be April 13th at the Travis Technology Center from 6-9pm. This will be a CampFiber for Creatives, an opportunity for Lafayette's creative class to come together and discuss what fiber means to them.

Speakers will be announced shortly. If you're interested in speaking, please add a comment below and we'll get in touch. Relevant topics include anything you're doing with fiber today to further your work as a creative professional or amateur, as well as anything you see out on the horizon as a big deal for creatives using fiber in the future.

Finally, while CampFiber for Creatives will be discussing topics relevant to the creative class, everyone who's interested in what fiber can do is welcome to participate. Whether you're a developer, entrepreneur, media type, community leader, or just someone who'd like to learn more about the topic, come on out! A good time is guaranteed to be had by all.

Welcome to CampFiber

CampFibers are a series of unconferences for fiber communities focused on bringing together interest groups within a community to discuss what fiber can do for them and brainstorm about what the fiber-powered future looks like.

CampFibers are inspired by BarCamps where everyone who attends is prepared to contribute in some way, be it through giving a presentation, commenting on the presentations of others, or just generally engaging in the conversation.

The typical format of a CampFiber is to have a series of short presentations by participants about either things they're already doing with fiber or things they think could and should be done with fiber.

The first two CampFibers were held for app developers in Lafayette, LA in 2008 and 2009.

If you'd like to hold a CampFiber in your fiber community, feel encouraged to do so! CampFibers are about community and are what you make of them.

If you do put together your own CampFiber, let us know so that we can promote what you've done on this site!